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Elesha Lopez

The Kind Bookkeeper

Elesha Lopez Kind Books Bookkeeper_edite

A Little About Me...

Hello, I am Elesha. 

I am truly grateful that you landed here on my about page. If you’ve made it this far you are considering my services. If you’ve ever written one of these for yourself, you understand the challenge of the task. I want to be as authentic as possible as I highlight my accomplishments and introduce myself as a person and a professional. 

I understand trust is fundamental to our relationship, therefore, it is essential that we get to know each other. 

I have over 15 years’ experience in administrative management, bookkeeping, payroll, tax payment preparation as well as purchasing and inventory control. Having my own business, working to manage, create, and grow other businesses’, allows me to offer an intimate understanding of the rewards and challenges faced by small business owners, managers, directors, and fellow entrepreneurs.


My services have been vital for my clients in their success and work-life balance. 

My goal is to offer my support, knowledge, and expertise to assist with your business so you can find comfort in one compartment of your operations and shift your focus to other goals including yourself and your family. Being kind to your books and other financial operations of your business is being kind to yourself. 

Thank you for visiting my About page. Please let me know how I can help you today. 

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